A true day of networking and inspiration. Life is not always about a 9/5 or working from home on a 24/7 mode, it is also about making quality time to learn, meeting like-minded business owners, managers, directors, CEO or just those who aspire to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a journey shared with others, with ordinary people in discovery of the extraordinary, walking the valley of business ventures makes the journey exciting, uplifting, encouraging and refreshing time to time…

Today was a day of magic when the two powerful experts of the mindset got together, the energies flowing in the air were simply out of this world. Dr John Demartini & Pr Hetem Ramadani including Mrs Sula Mirela blew our minds away just like that!!!! For further information, visit https://globalwomanclub.com/ and https://drdemartini.com/



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