At iQ, we specialise in providing bespoke marketing planning, strategic promotions, corporate and community events planning and management consultancy to start-ups and SME’s.

We have found that our target groups are seeking help and advice more than ever before. A recent survey conducted by the Small Enterprise Research Team at the Open University and the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Enterprise and Innovation corroborates this. In fact, companies that invest in consultative support are more likely to thrive beyond their initial start-up phase.



We think, write, create, implement, manage, socialise, and measure big ideas that help our clients thrive. Our aim is to help the businesses we work with to achieve innovative and cost-effective results that enhance competitiveness, increase revenue, raise profile and boost their business growth.

We know it takes more than just a pretty logo and a great looking website to make your business successful. iQ’s powerful S.M.A.R.T approach to integrated marketing and communications excels at helping companies to find their voice and to tell their story. Delivering outstanding results with massive impact, we’re the difference between being listened to and being heard!

We think strategically. We analyse. We ask the right questions. We do our research,both customer and competitor and take the guesswork out of where your brand should go next. We turn our raw insights into precise strategic ideas that provide a roadmap to your futuredetailed, specific and practical. With that in our pocket, we can deliver outstanding creative results that refuse to be ignored.



  • Brand Identity Development
  • Strategic Promotions Planning
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Marketing Planning and Management
  • Community, Corporate Events Planning and Management