Unlock the Power of Dynamic Persuasion…

Over the last 40 years Dexter has gained substantial expertise working and coaching at the highest level across a number of industries.

His unique knowledge, approach and personal success in consultative and ideas selling, corporate communication and influencing skills has come from working with Reed International, Aston Martin, Lego, The Richmond Supply Chain, Refer-on, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, Northwood, Este Lauder, Royal Bank of Scotland and other major training organisations, and his live appearances, presenting and selling millions worth of products for major organisations on QVC’s Shopping Channel.

The key to your personal and business success lies in your ability to positively influence others. More than just presenting facts. Dexter Moscow will equip you with the skills to engage, enrol, impress and retain your audience.

The seminar merges a powerful, proven model of communication excellence with astounding mind blowing magic and mentalism…Join the Master Influencer and learn to:

  1. Get your targeted message across effectively and powerfully
  2. Master the skills needed to engage your audience and win new business
  3. Use enhanced impact to grow your company’s reputation

You will gain valuable insights and a set of tools to enable you to motivate, stimulate and influence at work, in the boardroom, in front of an audience, in a business pitch or while networking….

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