Start-ups can rarely afford marketing consultancy services, and don’t have the in-house expertise to create strategic marketing plans. Their objectives are primarily focused on getting a product or service out into the market to prospective customers. The number of start-ups increases significantly each year, especially in the UK. iQ’s expertise with this growing sector can provide them with invaluable and cost-effective marketing solutions at this critical stage of their fledgling growth.

As more established companies, SMEs are usually at a stage where they are planning to expand their operations and grow their market share. In some instances, they already have a marketing manager but there is a specific issue with operations, communications or marketing which may be hindering the business performance and future success. IQ works closely with SMEs and their in-house resources to identify the anomalies and resolve them through S.M.A.R.T tailored and responsive solutions that adapt to meet desired sales and marketing goals.


iQ has experience in meeting the event needs of corporate clients, including annual conferences and seminars, which bring together delegates from national and international branches. Events typically include speeches by guest speakers, and often feature evening entertainment for the delegates. We also arrange conferences and seminars for team-building, training and management development purposes.

iQ is also adept at facilitating corporate hospitality events. These often take the form of entertainment days, where staff and/or clients may engage in group games and activities. These can take the form of participation-based sports, such as paint-balling and survival courses; however, businesses are increasingly tailoring hospitality events to cater for all employees and clients. These events may consist of optional team games, or may allow delegates to enjoy golf, fishing or other sporting activities.

iQ also helps their corporate clients to host or participate in trade exhibitions, product launches, sales and marketing conferences, and product demonstrations. These trade exhibitions, which bring buyers and sellers into direct contact, are a key element of the events industry, and range from large, national consumer events such as the annual Ideal Homes exhibition, to smaller-scale private trade exhibitions and seminars.

iQ has expertise in addressing the specific needs of these groups, helping them to organise an annual conferences, debates, fundraising events or gala dinners. Invariably, these organisations may be working within a limited budget, but need to enlist the help of a professional events organiser. Similarly, student groups who are organising fundraising events, debates or lectures may also approach iQ for advice and guidance.

iQ has expertise organising conferences, seminars and lectures. Often in conjunction with academic institutions.

iQ prides itself on working well with others. Working to support agencies, we are often asked to organise promotional events and product launches on behalf of their clients. Fitting seamlessly into the mix, agencies can rest-assured that they can outsource some or all aspects of their client’s event to a trusted independent events organiser.

iQ Consulting was initially given quite a tight brief, to develop and deliver a corporate branding solution for the newly formed company i.e. Alerta Limited. From the start, it was apparent that iQ Consulting would deliver a quality product within the budget and timescales set. Since then the relationship with iQ Consulting has grown and we would like to thank you for a successful delivery and we do look forward to further close working and achievements together heading towards the Alerta vision.

Alan Stanton - Director, Alerta

Working with Isis for the launch of Audi A4 in Birmingham and London was great, she was very supportive, committed and I was struck by her professionalism. I think Isis has a dedicated and driven approach to work, good business acumen and most of all is a very pleasant person to be around.

Krissy Regan - Manager, Hedge Events

Thank you Isis for your commitment and hard work in making the Knowledge Dock campaign a success; what a relief to know that we put our campaign in good hands...!

Sophie Lam - Manager, Viadeo

Dear Isis, thanks for all your help, support and patience at what was at times a challenging time! We are all really appreciated the hard work you've put in and the good humour you have shown.

Patrick Wilson - Former Head of PR and Communications